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Introducing New Tech Services for Your Home or Office.

Omnipearl is a technology based service company located in Philadelphia, PA. We offer a variety of specialized and highly customizable IT solutions for residential homes to small and medium sized businesses. We are proud to introduce a new line of services to our roster.  Many of these services are now offered as residential options.  This enables us to expand and provide our excellent tech services conveniently at your home as well as your office.

From email account log-in problems to installing your new computer or setting up your gaming system, leave the pressures and technical challenges to us.  Our experienced team has the knowledge and tools to ensure that your technical needs are fully accommodated.


Now, How may we help you? New TV needing to be installed? Wi-Fi service needing to be setup? Cartridges in your printer needing to be replaced? Do you lack the resources and Know-How to convert your physical documents and photos over to a digital file to store as a backup? Omnipearl is your home for One-Stop Digital and IT based Services.


We believe the technology supporting your personal life or business operation should reflect the specific needs of them. Technology is our business and we pride ourselves in knowing that our success is a result of your satisfaction.


Feel free to learn more about us and how our new tech services can work for you.


Featured Service

Wireless Solutions


Almost every type of media device today has some form of wireless functionality built in to it.  The wireless capabilities allow for one thing and that's for the device to be able to communicate wirelessly with others. 


Would you like for your laptop or IPod to be able to access the internet wirelessly from any room within your home or office building?  An Omnipearl tech can have you connected in no time.  Simply, schedule an appointment and you're set.  We will take care of the rest. 


For additional information on our Wireless Services < Click Here > .


First Visit ?  How about starting with these services?




Parental Guidance Setup

Parental Guidance Setup

Online Retail Partners

Online Retail Partners

Digital Capturing



Protect your children from inappropriate content on your PC and devices through our parental setup service. Looking to purchase electronic equipment or components, check out our online retail partners to service your needs. Convert your documents, records or old photos to digital so you can save, store, edit and share them with others.

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