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Cloud Storage Service

What is Cloud Storage?

Instead of storing files on your hard drive or a portable thumb drive, as an example, you're storing it "in the cloud" or on the Internet.  Cloud storage allows users to store, and use files such as videos, photo, text documents, programs, and other content and access it via the Internet.  Basically, the content is stored on data servers that are managed and maintained by technology based companies located elsewhere.

The Benefits

These are just a few of the benefits that cloud storage can provide for you personally or for your business.

  • Access to data from anywhere - Access and control your data such as emails, reports and other documents through any internet connected device with a web browser.

  • Data Backup and Restore - Reduce business risk for lost data through our data backup service. You can rapidly recover data anytime and anywhere.

  • Cost savings - Using cloud based services eliminates capital expenditures for purchasing new storage equipment or storage units to house physical documents and files.

  • Security - Private clouds are also available to ensure a more dedicated environment for data and information that need to remain private.

  • Increased Productivity - Using the cloud storage management allows IT staff members to use their time more productivity rather than on managing, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment.

  • Data Retention - You can minimize your storage volume by storing data in the cloud. Cloud storage maintains a company's data retention policies with less cost and with ease.

  • Increased Capacity - Scale your storage requirements easily as your needs change. If extra capacity is required, it can be purchased as needed.

  • Search Functionality - With cloud storage, searching is made simple. When you use physical archiving it can be extremely tedious trying to locate a simple piece of data.

  • Disaster Recovery - Storing data in the cloud already enables you secured protection from loss. If you encounter a data disaster and your data has been compromised, cloud service gives you the ability to recover that data immediately.

  • No In-House Maintenance - The platform and hardware providing your cloud service is provisioned and maintained by us. So there is no hardware or environment maintenance that you have to worry about.

  • Synchronization of Data - You can also synchronize your cloud data across many devices, both mobile and desktop.

Our Cloud services can help you ensure that you data is 100% secured and easily accessible at anytime.  Omnipearl protects your critical information through it's secure offsite data centers. Reducing your personal and business risk.

To backup and secure your data now, contact us by calling (866) 704-7041 or email us at now.


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