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Data Transfers & Backup Services

Our computers, phones, tablets and gaming consoles have become a very important part of our lives today in the way we communicate, learn, conduct business and entertain ourselves.  All our our documents, photos, music, videos, financials and more have been converted into a digital file that is stored onto some form of storage device such as a hard-drive. 

Could you imagine, what would happen if your hard-drive crashed?

Everything would be lost, if you didn't have a back up.  Many of our data files are irreplaceable memories which can not be purchased.  All hard drives will fail eventually and it usually happens when you least expect it.

Some contributing factors to data loss would be theft, fire, accidental deletion and hardware failure.

Any form of backup is equivalent to insurance.  when something goes wrong, you would be covered.

Omnipearl offers several data backup solutions to secure your digital information.  If you would like to upgrade to a larger hard-drive and need a complete transfer of data, then our tech can diagnose that the unit is compatible and that it is equipped with a sufficient amount of storage space to accommodate your current and future needs.  Once complete, he will then professionally migrate all of the data content over to the new drive.

We can also copy all of your vital information from your primary source and transfer it onto another compatible storage device of choice to ensure that your data is completely backed up.

Don't risk losing all of what you've work so hard on (games saves, achievements, financial records, music, movies, photos, memoirs and much more).

For addition storage options see "Cloud Services" under the Data Management section of our site.


           Service Details:

  • Console Gaming Data Transfer Service -This service includes the transfer or duplication of data from your primary gaming console device (excluding PC/Laptops) to a secondary device. This includes game saves, achievements, additional DLC content. $39.99
  • PC Data Transfer/Back-up Service (250GB or Less) -This service includes the transfer or duplication of data less than 250GB in size from your primary source to a secondary device. $99.99
  • Hard-Drive Duplicating/Back-up Service -This service includes the transfer or duplication of data between 251GB and 2T in size from your primary hard-drive to a secondary device as a back-up. $149.99
  • Server Duplicating/Back-up Service -This service includes the transfer or duplication of data 2T and Higher in size from your primary server to a secondary back-up device. $399.99

* To view additional service details and pricing on specific hardware and other devices,  please click on the link below to initiate appointment scheduling. 

* For Commercial Data Transfer and Backup Projects, contact us at (866) 704-7041 or email at

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