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Document Preparation Information

Below you will find a quick checklist to help you prepare for the scanning process.  Prepping your documents prior to scanning will help the scanning process go easier and quicker. This simple preparation can also save you a substantial amount of money and time.

  1. Verify that you have the correct documents to be scanned.

  2. Write out clear instructions for the tech as to what your Goals and expectations are with your scanning project.

  3. Your primary goal is to ascertain that all pages are separate before scanning begins. Go through every document and remove staples, paper clips, tape, or any other solutions that binds your documents or materials together.

  4. The only time tape should be used is when you have items such as plane tickets, receipts, business cards, and other such items that need to be scanned. If you do, tape them evenly and straight in the middle of a sheet of paper. Also, only tape these items on one side of a sheet of paper; never both sides. There is a higher possibility that the second side could be over-looked, and the paper will be appear to be awkward and heavy with items on each side of it.

  5. Any folds in the pages need to be straightened out. The reason for this is obvious, any of the information in the folded section will not be scanned, so ascertaining that all parts of each page is visible is critical. Be sure to also straighten out bent corners as much as possible.

  6. Arrange all the material to be scanned in the order you want them to be scanned in. This will make the process of scanning quicker if you're not trying to do it at the same time. Also, with someone else scanning, you will want to ascertain that the job is done the way you would like.

  7. Our scanners allow multiple pages to be fed into the machine at once, so go through your stack of documents and make batches ahead of time, keeping all of them in the proper order. This will also ensure a smooth scanning process as well.

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