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To assist in our plan to provide good eco-friendly service solutions, Omnipearl created a subsidiary operating under the name Omnipearl Energy.

Omnipearl Energy specializes in providing alternative energy resources and services to consumers. Many states have implemented energy deregulation.  What this means is that consumers are simply able to switch their energy supplier (the company on the backend that actually provides the physical electric or gas power) while keeping the same utility company that provides their current billing, meter readings, service and repairs. 

Let's face it, outside of our monthly rent or mortgage payment, your energy bill (Gas & Electric combined) is usually the next highest monthly bill.  So, to be able to offer people a lower rate becomes an EASY SELL.  When consumers switch over, they will benefit by saving money through a fixed or variable rate and will help us in protecting our environment by selecting a cleaner Green energy source. 

These are just a few of the benefits of signing up.

  • Free and Easy Enrollment

  • No Deposits or Credit Checks

  • Flexible Green Energy Plans

  • SAVE Money over Time

  • Local Sourced Energy benefits the Local Economy

  • Helps the Environment with Clean Renewable Energy

  • Your Utility Company stays the same ( They will CONTINUE to Provide your Billing, the Delivery of Your Energy, Meter Readings, Line Maintenance and all of your Service Needs )

  • Discount on your Omnipearl Wireless or Digital service bill

    It's that simple - So, Why Not?
    There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In addition to saving money on your energy, Omnipearl Energy also offers an affiliate program through its partner Viridian to allow you to earn extra income on a part-time of full-time basis.

If you are interested in getting additional information on Omnipearl Energy's green program or to sign up and reduce your energy bill while helping us in our fight for a greener planet, Please visit the website at or click on the link below.

Wait! How about a discount on your service bill today?

Simply SIGN-UP to switch your energy supplier and get $ 5 off your service bill or register as an affiliate and receive a $ 20 discount off your Omnipearl service bill. 

Please note: Once enrollment has been verified, the discount will be immediately applied to service balance. Discounts are not to be combined with any other offers.

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