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Peripherals & Accessories
Output Devices  
Omnipearl will unpack, assemble any peripherals such as a printers, audio system, headsets.  We can also setup new your TV, program in the available channels and connect an existing device such as a Blu-ray or DVD player or even your digital cable box. We will remove the packaging for you and clean up the work area. Finally, we will discuss the features that the unit is equipped with and how to navigate through your new device.

For mounting services see "Custom Installation Services"

*Additional charges may apply for larger TVs

Controlling Devices

Are you having issues with getting your new controller to work or your existing one isn't syncing properly to the system?

An Omnipearl tech can assist you with this. we can troubleshoot the problem for you and get you back into the game in no time.

We can also setup and configure your new universal remote control to give you full controllable access to all your devices that it supports with just a touch of a button.

PC Interface Card Installation or Upgrade
Is it time to upgrade your graphics card or maybe the memory in your computer? 

With our advance installation process, our experts can properly evaluate the compatibility of your new card and then carefully install the card into your computer.  Next, we will install or update the drivers and then test the new card installation to ensure that it is functioning properly. 

Upon the completion of the job, we can take your old device with us for proper recycling.

Sometimes setting up new accessories and devices can be complicated; especially if you don't know what you're doing.  Omnipearl eliminates this situation by offering a wide range of professional installation services for your convenience.  We can handle everything from PC hard-drives, heat sinks and computer fans over to simple cable replacement and printer cartridge and toner installs.

After the installation has been completed, our tech will discuss the basic control functionality with you so that you can start enjoying your new equipment.


           Service Details:

  • Peripherals and Accessory Setup - These services include the Initial Setup of your Peripherals and Accessories, Configuration, Wi-Fi Setup (if any) and Brief Operations Consultation.

* To view additional service details and pricing on specific hardware and other devices,  please click on the link below to initiate appointment scheduling.

To  Schedule an Appointment < Click Here > then select "Peripherals - Output Devices" | "Peripherals - Controlling Devices" | "Accessories "

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