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Purchasing a new computer or gaming system can be very exciting; but putting it all together can be very frustrating and even discouraging. Let Omnipearl put your mind a ease by providing you with one of our complete set up and installment packages. 

A specialized Omnipearl technician will come out to your home or business to set up your new equipment for you.

Our installment packages allow you to save much time and money.  Everything that you would need done to get up and running, Omnipearl would take care of. 

Our techs are fluently trained in installing and setting up any piece of electronic equipment (e.g. Desktop computers, Laptops, Xb360, XB One, PS3, PS4, Wii-U, Tablets, Blu-ray Players, DVD and etc).

This is what makes us highly efficient in the services that we provide to our customers.

There are several special features that are included in all of our solutions bundles that you may find beneficial.

  • The tech will unpack and evaluate with you that every piece of equipment is 100% compatible with the other. 

  • Any additional cables or wires that you may have forgotten, we can provide for you on the spot and simply add the item's cost to your final bill as a convenience.

  • Your equipment will be put together correctly and completely.

  • A demonstration and explanation on how to use some of the key features that your units are enabled with.

  • And finally, we will clean up the work area and remove any excess boxes and packing materials.

Our goal is to have your equipment setup in a timely manner and without any worries or concerns so that you can sit back and truly enjoy your new purchase.

* See additional details on individual installment packages when you click to schedule an appointment.



           Service Details:

  • Complete Console/Device Setup Bundle -This service includes the Initial Setup of  (1) Device to TV or Monitor, System Configuration, Profile, Wireless Setup, Router Setup and configuration and Brief Consultation. $129.99
  • Multi-Device Wireless Setup Bundle -This service bundles includes the Wireless setup of (1) PC/Laptop and up to (3) Media Devices to your wireless network. Excludes: Router Setup with configuration. $129.99 
  • Complete PC & Printer Setup Bundle -Includes the Initial Setup of  (1) PC or Laptop to TV or Monitor, System Configuration, Profile setup, Wireless Setup, (1) Printer and Router Setup with configuration and Brief Operations Consultation. $229.99
  • Complete PC & Multi-Device Setup Bundle -Includes the Initial Setup of  (1) PC or Laptop to TV or Monitor, System Configuration, Profile, Wireless Setup and Router Setup with configuration and Brief Operations Consultation. In addition to,  up to (3) Consoles/Devices/Smart TV/Printer Linked to Wireless network. $249.99

* To view additional service details and pricing on specific hardware and other devices,  please click on the link below to initiate appointment scheduling.

To  Schedule an Appointment < Click Here > then select "Complete Solutions [Bundle Packages]"

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