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Portable Media Broadcast Device Installation Services

As the demand for digital music, movies and games continues to grow, so does our need for the devices to help us access and manage them.  Mobile devices have truly become a big part of our daily lives.  How did we ever make it to this point without texting, video chatting and media streaming?

For those of us who are in need of that next hot thing then a media broadcast device may be for you.  Some, who have already made a name for themselves include Chromecast, Roku, Plair, Biggifi and AirTame.  These devices enable the user to essentially broadcast digital content from almost any mobile phone or tablet straight to the TV for viewing.  There are various differences between them but none-the-less great little gadgets to have.  Two of the most popular right now are Chromecast and BiggiFi.

BiggiFi is an Android HDMI device that allows you to broadcast tons of mobile apps right onto your TV. BiggiFi also allows you to use your smart phone or tablet as an interface with your TV; controlling what's on the screen through the device in your hands.  View the provided video below to see how it works.


Chromecast allows you to transmit digital content to your TV from any connected phone, tablet or computer.

These devices then become a remote control for the TV where users can play, pause and queue content running on apps on these devices.

Users can also browse their favorite videos on Youtube or movies on the Netflix app and get it to play on the TV seamlessly.

See more on Chromecast in the video provided below.


If you have a broadcast device and are looking for assistance to set it up, then schedule your appointment now or if you would like to order the device from Omnipearl and have it installed, then click the appointment link below and place your order for the device when prompt. 


           Service Details:

  • Complete Broadcast Device Setup Service -This service includes the Initial Setup of (1) Device to TV or Monitor, System Configuration for mobile device, Profile and Brief Consultation. $29.99

* To view additional service details and pricing on specific hardware and other devices,  please click on the link below to initiate appointment scheduling.

To  Schedule an Appointment < Click Here > then select "Digital Broadcast & Streaming"

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