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Wall Pre-Mounting Information and Tips

Before your scheduled TV mounting, there are a few things that you will need to consider before your appointment.  The below list will assist you in helping the installment process run smoothly by covering several key areas that will need your immediate attention. 

Positioning of TV:

One of the main factors you will have to consider is the placement of the TV screen.  The size of the TV and available space that you have will determine where the screen will be placed.  Also, you may want to consider any light and reflections from any windows.

Mounting Height:

The Omnipearl tech will advise about mounting height on day of installation as every room and seating position varies.

Media Device Location:

Another major consideration would be, where the equipment will be placed.  You may want to consider a shelf system located either under the TV or to the side or in some type of floor standing media cabinet or piece for suitable furniture.

You could also consider placement in an adjoining room. It would still be possible to control the units by IR relays that would send the remote signals through the wall or through closed cupboard doors.

Types of Wall Mounting Brackets:

You should consider the type of wall mounting bracket such as
  • Flat wall mount
  • Super slim mount
  • Tilt mount
  • Pull out turn and tilt arm bracket
  • Ceiling mount

Cable Management:

Next is the importance of cable management.  Cable management allows you to properly organize the cables thus leaving a professional looking solution.  Over-all the absence of wires.

The options that are commonly used are to hide the cables in surface trucking or to hide the cables into the wall.

  • Surface Trucking:

    Contact bonding, surface mount, white plastic trucking. This attaches to the surface of the wall. The cables are placed within the trucking, which is sealed with a clip-on capping (lid). You can then paint the outside to match the wall color.
  • Hidden Cables:

    This is the most popular method and when completed it delivers a true cable-free appearance. Our approach to your cable concealment depends on your wall type.

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